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Eternal Love

Bride Groom 1. churchKiss Statues

I looked down the pew
I was looking at you
What a handsome profile
Big, soul penetrating, blue eyes

Something inside of me stirred
It did not make sense at first …
What was this unexpected urge
It was months before I was convinced

My heart had gone ahead of my will
It was as if my soul was dancing …
Could he be the one I was dreaming of?
My mind said no! My spirit said yes!!

I am convinced …
It was the meeting of our souls
That caused me to fall so very deeply
It was if they were dancing to a song of old

As if before creation of you or I
Our souls once met in heaven
Before plunging far to earth… landing
Into tiny new bodies awaiting to meet

Though growing up we were separated
By miles and miles and different states
It was destiny’s desire for us to be together…
Our souls intertwined as one in time and space

Both were not whole or complete before
But, desperately missing our other half …
Before we met here on earth our soul mate
Previously from another time … and place

Destiny’s fate was greater …
Than our mere faith that brought us together
What heaven has joined is greater …
Than anything that could separate us until the end … and later

You truly are my eternal forever lover never to be separated in this life
Through joys and in strife we shall endure storms and sunny days …
We will love, honor, and respect each other until destiny steals us away
Our souls intertwined and joined eternally, until reunited back in heaven                                         Copyright 2014 : Brigitte A. Murchison

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The Kiss Of True Love

Kiss of Love

A young couple in bed cuddle
The first light of morning
Slips through the window shades
They lay gazing into each other’s eyes

It is their first night home
From a hospital stay…
She had a tumor removed from
Her cheek, He was glad she was saved

A nerve was cut in surgery
It left her with a twisted palsy lip
She asked him if he still loved her
His face lit up with a convincing smile

He tenderly leaned in …
For the most deeply passionate kiss
He twists his lip to match hers
Passion and eagerness overcome them

This kiss of true love …
Sustained their passion…
As their bodies melded into one
Her fears subsided with the kiss of true love

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
endures all things for the ultimate good of those we love.” (1 Cor. 13:7)
Copyright 2014 Brigitte A. Murchison
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Love’s Melted Flame

Diligently we labored upon passion’s alter,
Amid melted wax our love would not falter.

Love’s bursting flames anew, we were mid-twenty,
Ultimately everyday life’s passion ticked gently,

Our love so young, our fuel plenty,
Never a thought, of our lover’s cup running empty.

Bright blinding desire it did reveal,
Once upon our window sill.

Once Lovers wrestled beneath it’s dancing light,
Now dusty and forgotten, silently awaiting delight.

Life’s melted wax was removed but, it wasn’t quit like new,
But it was discovered old wax could relight passions we once knew.
Copyright By Brigitte A. Murchison U.S.A.

Stillness Of Life

woman bed prayingBy Brigitte A. Murchison

He never opened his eyes
He did not move. ..
He laid there in a coma
In his silent tomb of a body

I thought death was the
Worse thing that could
Happen to your child
Until this . . .

The thought of our son
Laying in a bed being kept
Alive by machines for the
Rest of his life . . .
Was worse than death!

Through the hushing of
Machines pushing oxygen
Through his lungs in silence . . .
We waited for a miracle