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My Day Is A Blank Canvas

Heart Sky Birds

Do with it what you will…

Fill it with beautiful colors

Fill it with sacred memories

Fill it with visions for love of others

Fill it with glorious sunshine from above

Fill it with remembrances of your beauty

Let me see the good in others

Let me remember faces filled with smiles

Let me see beauty that others pass by un-noticed

Let me see your miracles in creation

Let me breathe in a fragment of nature’s beauty

May I feel your holy presence …

As you, cradle me in your safe harbor.

May I feel like the masterpiece you created me to be.

(Copyright Brigitte A. Murchison)



Credit Card Angel

Credit Card Angel
Today I ponder so many things. Events which have happened recently and ideas and projects put in my heart and soul to complete in this life. Sometimes these ideas are overwhelming. I have the drive to accomplish so many creative and soul defining things in my life, but don’t know what to work on now and what can wait for later. Then I remembered my credit card angel and how I don’t need to organize and plan every detail in my life. If I kept doing this, I just might miss out on an exciting miracle that God wanted to show me that day. Perhaps I should just let God choose my path today….
I thought back to a few weeks or so ago when I had a recent angel encounter. I had withdrawn money from an ATM machine to pay a bill to a credit card company. I had been ripped off by this company because they told me I had paid my bill the previous month a day too early, and they couldn’t credit it to that month’s bill. I would have to make another payment which would be twice for that month. I wanted my money back because I didn’t have the money to pay two bills in one month especially around Christmas time. I wanted justice and this event had made me so angry and upset, and even kept me from a good night’s sleep.
As I pulled away from the ATM machine gleaming with redemption from correcting a wrong committed against me I thanked God for showing me to trust him for solving problems and giving me peace during the waiting period when I could finally get my money back. I was getting my money back by withdrawing cash then putting it in my checking account to pay the next month’s bill. Ahhh it felt so good to finally resolve this issue that had irritated me so much beforehand. “Thank you Lord, for always being there for me and helping me solve even the smallest problems in my life”
I drove off gleaming in thanksgiving. When I got to the edge of the drive leading to a street leaving the bank I heard a honk behind me. I stopped and looked in my rearview mirror. I couldn’t see anyone in the car behind me now pulled up to the ATM machine after me. I saw an armored truck awaiting a pick up of money from the bank which had moved out of my way prior to me getting up to the ATM drive through machine. I thought maybe the armored truck was honking at the other driver that had gone into the bank. I saw no one waving at me so I kept going.
After I turned left onto the side street to exit the area, I came to a stop sign leading to the main divided boulevard. I heard a loud noise like my car had gone over a big bump while leaving the stop sign. I looked up into my rearview mirror and saw nothing. I stopped in the median area between the two lanes of divided traffic, when I heard someone pounding loudly on the back bumper of my car. I was startled by this noise.
Suddenly a short man dressed in kaki colored pants and shirt was standing next to my driver’s side window from out of nowhere. I jumped and jerked my head sideways because I was so startled by this man’s appearance suddenly next to me. Before he could say anything I stated, “I must have left my credit card in the ATM machine.”
He stared at me with the most soulful eyes big, round and a grey sky blue. His hair was light brown and reddish colored. His complexion was fair with almost a hint of freckles. He looked to be about twenty five to thirty years old. He didn’t respond to my statement. He just stood there with the most intense stare as if he were trying to communicate everything to me through his eyes alone and refused to say a word.
I was a little unsettled by this unusual staring man that wouldn’t say anything to me. I said, “You are my hero, really, you are my hero. Thank you.” Again he just stared at me without a word. I noticed that he had a few drops of red clay dirt splattered on his khaki uniform at the bottom of the pants. I looked up into his eyes again and said “Thank you.” I reached out the window and took the card out of his stubby hand. I glanced down at his short legs and stalky appearance, and wondered how he could have possibly ran that distance so fast, and reached me in time before I was about to turn left in the median and merge into oncoming traffic
I looked up into his face again he just stared at me and refused to say a word. I thought this was very odd and it made me feel uneasy. “What if he really wanted to grab my purse or pull a weapon on me? Why wouldn’t he say anything to me?” the strangeness of the situation is what prompted me to roll up my window and move on. I looked out my window and saw that I now had oncoming cars putting on their brakes because my car was blocking the street, with the back bumper hanging out into the approaching lane of traffic.
By this time the strange man was somehow standing on the passenger’s side of my car and was looking towards the oncoming traffic and appeared to be analyzing how he could navigate his way back across the two lanes of oncoming traffic. I turned away from him and looked to see if I could pull out onto the street. It was clear of oncoming cars and I proceeded to pull away from the median.
I looked into my rearview mirror again and was surprised because the mystery hero had disappeared into thin air. He was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t waiting to cross the busy two lane street, and he wasn’t on the other side of the street towards the parking lot of the bank. He had literally vanished from the scene of his good deed. It was then that I realized I had been visited by a guardian angel sent down from God, for a short moment of glory to do the Lords work. I just couldn’t believe that my situation or I personally was important enough to merit another angel encounter. God had already blessed me with several angel encounters in the last twenty something years of my life. Even though I had been blessed in the past with such a miracle I still always questioned “Why me Lord? I am not worthy am I?” Then I am filled with his gracious love for me that even though I sometimes commit sins, he still forgives me and wants to show me miracles and his presence in my daily life.