A Tale Of Two Dogs

Years ago, we had an adorable dog named Buffy, who had the cutest puppies we had ever seen. We lived in Seattle at the time and had purchased our first house. We had great neighbors, and one of them was named Diane.  Diane fell in love with Buffy’s puppies as soon as she saw them. They were made up of about every color one could imagine. She picked out a cute little puppy with gray, black, and tan markings all over  with a white chest. Diane adopted her right away and anxiously awaited the time when her puppy would be weaned from her mama Buffy. I can still remember the day the puppy was adopted and taken to her new home. Diane named her Greta, and the puppy squirmed in her arms with its face looking back at me over Diane’s shoulder  as she walked away.

We soon discovered that Greta did not understand that she lived with Diane now, and often escaped out Diane’s door and ran back to our house two doors down. Greta happily pounced through our back door and slid into our kitchen to play with her brother Mickey, whom we had kept, and her mother Buffy.  It was
always a happy reunion for the two pups, and they would run around in circles
with yelps of joy over the reunion. We soon got use to these unplanned interruptions from our new extended family.

Diane had become more than a neighbor and was a very good friend to me. We would often visit each other, and always brought the pups to play with each other during our visit. It was on one of these typical visits that the two elated pups began to chase each other around in circles in my living room. All of a sudden, my puppy Mickey began yelping loudly in pain. We looked up to see
Mickey’s lower jaw stuck under Greta’s collar. At first we thought it was minor
but  as we both attempted to separate the dogs we realized that the problem was life threatening. Mickey was the only one yelping because he was the only one breathing. A few of his teeth had been knocked loose and were bleeding. Greta was being choked to death by her brother and best friend Mickey. The collar was so tight, we couldn’t unbuckle it.

We had two options: hurt Mickey more, and possibly break his jaw getting him out of Greta’s collar, or watch Greta die in our arms. It was the most helpless situation I had been in before. Diane and I both loved our own dogs more than anything. We also both loved both of the pups equally. We only had a few seconds to respond. Diane blurted out, “Greta isn’t breathing.” I screamed a prayer out loud, “Oh please, dear God, help us!”  But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid,  Zechariah; Your prayer has been heard… Luke 1:13 NIV Bible.

Instantly a calm but urgent voice within my head said, “Go get a sharp knife.” I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife. I ran back to the sofa where Diane
was trying to separate the two dogs. Mickey was yelping louder and louder through the entire ordeal. Urgently, I shrieked out loud, “Oh God, please help!” I did not know how to start cutting through the thick and durable nylon collar. While trying to keep the dogs still and sawing away with the knife, Greta’s body went limp, fell to the floor from the sofa and produced a bowel movement.
The cut collar fell from my hand. I froze in horror.

Diane quietly said, “Greta’s gone.” We both knew after the moment of death that an animal has a bowel movement. I cried out, “Dear God NO!” At that moment,  I raised Greta’s limp head off of the floor and began stroking her neck as tears ran down my cheeks. I thought about how I had prayed in faith  and wondered how God could let this happen when I believed in His power to save Greta. Instantly, Greta began breathing and jumped up and began barking excitedly. Diane and I were both in shock and we both looked at each other with disbelief over what had just happened …Everything is possible for him who believes. Mark 9:23. NIV Bible

Then I noticed Diane’s hand bleeding. Her hand had accidentally gotten in the way of my knife when the dogs had squirmed. I gave her a wet towel to stop the bleeding and a band-aid. Thankfully the cut was minor. After the ordeal was over, we confided to each other that we both had been praying through the whole ordeal. We were so relieved that the Holy Spirit had whispered in my ear what to do to save both of our dogs’ lives that day.

The two puppies began nipping and playing happily together. Only this time we made sure they played without their collars. We stared incredulously at the miracle we had just witnessed. We both experienced increased faith in God’s miracles that day. I was in awe that God could take the time to hear our cries and be concerned enough to help us out of our ordeal. The Lord really did care about our daily trial and His fuzzy creatures we love so much.

How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. These all look to you to give them food at the proper time. When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things. When you hide your face, they are terrified; when you take away their breath, they die and return to the dust. When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth. May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his works …Psalm 104: 24, 27-31 NIV


Little Angels On Loan

Angels On Loan Poem

Little Angels on Loan

Copyright 2008 By Brigitte A. Murchison

Sometimes God sends little precious angels to us on loan.

They come in very small packages called children.

Though we love and care for them very much.

God sometimes calls them back home…

They just barely got a glimpse of this world.

We barely got to hold them, love them, teach them,

Death came far too soon and stole them from us.

We ask how can this be?

How could they be called back to heaven…

When we barely got to know them?

The hole in our heart seems like it can never be filled.

Until we realize they were just too special and rare,

To go through the hardships and troubles here.

We didn’t realize when God gave them to us…

They were born with tiny invisible wings

That would carry them far away from us down here.

They watch over us in heaven’s splendor and wait peacefully,

For the day when we shall join them and then we will know…

They were little angels on loan to remind us

Of God’s glory we were blessed to hold

Discovering God In A Rainbow


Discovering God in a Rainbow

Copyright 2011

Brigitte A. Murchison 

As a small child I had an incisive belief in God and never doubted his existence. I honestly can say, “I don’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t feel God’s presence with me.” We are all aware of God’s presence at one time or another in our life’s journey. Some people experience a born again feeling and relationship with Jesus for the first time late in their life. I feel fortunate that I had this experience at a very early age.

One of my earliest experiences was when I was a very small child about four years old. I was playing outside in my front yard. I always found a sense of joy and peace in observing nature and God’s creation. I can remember clearly my mother letting me help plant marigold flowers in our front bed. She placed a squirmy moist creature on the palm of my hand and told me it was a worm. I was fascinated that there was life even under the dirt which provided nutrients to the living plants. I was hooked on the mysteries of nature, and life from that point forward. Spending time in God’s natural creation made me feel close to him and reaffirmed the miracles of His creations surrounding me.

For the truth about God is known to them instinctively; God has put this knowledge in their hearts. Since earliest times men have seen the earth and sky and all God made, and have known of his existence and great eternal power. So they will have no excuse [when they stand before God at Judgment Day] Romans 1:19-20 The New Living Bible

It was on one of these explorations of my outside world that I felt the presence of God. I was playing outside on my driveway. It was an incandescence spring day, with a slightly overcast sky. While playing carefree, and soaking up nature’s enchanting gifts, it gently began to rain. I ran inside and got my mom’s umbrella out of the closet. It was silky and had large brightly colored dots all over it. I opened it and skipped outside into the fresh moist air. I remember feeling exhilarated over the miracle of water falling from the sky and splashing on my feet as it hit the pavement. Soon the rain began to pour down harder and faster. While looking down at my wet pink toes, I noticed the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

An iridescent rainbow river began to flow down the driveway into the street. It was the most beautiful liquid rainbow river I had ever seen. The colors were so bright and intense. It made an ordinary gray driveway look magical. I followed it back to its source. There at the commencement of this colored river was a forbidding black spot on the driveway. I crouched down under the protection of my umbrella, watching a rainbow come out of a horrid, smelly, black spot. At that moment I felt a great awe for the creator of this world, who could make something beautiful out of an ugly oily spot. Later in life, I would learn that God used other dark spots in my life to show me his awesome presence. 🙂

Helping Arm of an Angel


Helping Arm of an Angel

copyright Brigitte Murchison 2011

 I was so nervous as I got ready for my job interview. I had recently graduated from Louisiana State University in Interior Design. I had moved back home to Oklahoma City, to look for a job in my field. I had been on other interviews but, they always ended the same, “Thanks for your interest in our company, unfortunately we aren’t hiring because of the economy.” Hopefully today would be different.

I exited the interstate and began driving towards downtown Oklahoma City.
It occurred to me that I better slow down. I wasn’t driving on the interstate
any more. Just then I see red flashing lights in my rear view mirror. “Oh no I
groaned, this can’t be happening to me. I am already running a few minutes

I pulled onto a side street and the police car pulled up behind me. A policeman peers through my open window. “Did you realize that you were speeding madam?” “I am sorry officer; I just got off of the interstate and hadn’t adjusted my speed for this street.” He handed me the speeding ticket and advised me to slow down in the future. “Have a nice day,” he said with a stiff face.

Now my face was bright red and my hands shaking from all of the excitement. I let out a huge sigh, “Oh great Lord, I really was trusting you today. Please help me get there on time, and the rest of my day, go better.”

I proceeded towards downtown per my Dad’s instructions for where to park for the building I was trying to find. He was good at giving driving instructions, and I knew I would be able to find the high-rise building my interview was in.

I was glad when I saw the big empty field my Dad had told me about. I was to park along this big empty lot, where there was street parking, then walk across it and turn right across a busy street. It had a sidewalk that went across it to the other side. The building would be on the right.

I got out of the car and put coins into the parking meter. Two hours ought to cover it without getting a ticket. I didn’t need any more tickets today. I opened the back door to get my interior design portfolio out.

When I brought it out of the car, I could hardly hold on to it. It was like a thin giant brief case that was about 30” high and 43” long. It allowed me to carry my drawings and presentation boards flat and protected. It was so big and flat that it acted like a giant sail in this wind.

Oklahoma was known for its wind but, today was unbelievable. Where had this wind come from? It wasn’t that windy earlier. (Later on the news; I would realize that this wasn’t ordinary wind. Gust of wind up to 40-65 MPH occurred and built up speed going through the high-rise buildings like a wind tunnel)

I began to get very discouraged at this point in my day. Haven’t I had enough bad luck today with the speeding ticket? Aren’t my nerves rattled enough before going to this interview? What about my hair? How am I going to make it look presentable after this wind?

I closed the door to the car and bowed my head into the wind and attempted to walk across the sidewalk towards my goal. My high heel shoes didn’t help my balance much either.

Suddenly a giant burst of wind almost knocked me off of my high heels and onto the ground. The only way I was going to make it across this sidewalk was to put my portfolio back into the car. “Oh great, what is the purpose of going to this meeting without my work to show?”

Now I was at the point of tears. I cried up to the Lord a demanding prayer. “Ok Lord, where are you when I need you the most? I hundred percent relied on you to carry me through this day and this important appointment. I need your help right now!”

Suddenly out of nowhere a man came up behind me and said, “You look like you could use some help.” I turned around to look behind me to see where he had come from. I had walked almost half way across this field, and no other cars were parked on the street from the direction this man had come.

Startled but appreciative of this stranger’s help I said, “Yes, thank you.” The round faced man dressed in a business suit held out his elbow for me to grab a hold of. I was still surprised by how he could instantly be at my side in my time of need. I looked behind me again. There was no way a person could walk that fast in this wind to catch up with me in the middle of this lot. From a lot the size of a football field he had literally appeared out of thin air!

The man smiled calmly at me and offered to carry my portfolio for me. “Hold on tight, you look like you need someone to hold on to and anchor you down in this wind.” I was thankful for his offer and help and held on tight to his arm as we walked along the sidewalk.

He asked if I was going on a job interview. Which I thought was strange. How did he know anything about me? I told him I was an interior designer and had an interview with an architectural firm. Then the man surprised me when he told me he had a daughter who was studying interior design at a University in Texas. He had just put her on a plane this morning.

The odds of encountering someone with a daughter in the same field was astronomical. I was again confused about where this man came from, who knew so much about me. Before I could question this; we arrived at the other side of the vacant lot. We stood at cross walk light and it turned green to cross. I wanted to find out more about his daughter but just then he said, “We better hurry up and cross you are going to be late.” I believe this is the building you were looking for.” After we crossed the street he insisted on walking me into the building lobby to make sure I made it there safely.

I felt like I owed this man my life, for his help at just the right moment I needed it. I didn’t think “Thank you,” would be enough. Before I could say anything else the man said, “Good luck, have a nice day.” He then turned around and walked away the opposite direction that I was going. I was looking to find the building key to find the floor I needed.

I walked a few steps away from him then my curiosity compelled me to turn around once more to see where he was going. My face must have turned white in disbelief; because he was nowhere to be found. This lobby was not that big, and there weren’t any hallways he could turn off of to disappear so fast.

I stood there for a moment confused and wondering who this man really was. Then I stood there in awe as I realized I had just been rescued, and walked to safety by an angel. How did he know what building I was going to for my interview? I hadn’t told him.

When I got to the right floor for the interview, I took a deep breath before I walked in to introduce myself. I apologized for being a few minutes late. The receptionist looked a little puzzled when I told her who I was meeting with. She said, “Have a seat I will be right back.”

She returned and informed me that the partner I had talked to on the phone and made the appointment with was not here but, I could meet with someone else in the office. “He must have forgotten to write the appointment down, it wasn’t on his calendar.” I sat down even more puzzled by my unusual day.

The man I met with was nice and apologetic about his firm not knowing about my appointment. He didn’t seem too interested in my interview, and didn’t know of any job opening up soon in his firm. He did say a few positive comments about my design work, and wished me good luck.

When I left the reception area, my mind was in a fog. Was I just dreaming? What a bizarre day. Nothing had gone as I had expected, and unexplained things had occurred today that were miraculous. I thought sometimes the Lord’s plan for us that day, are not anything like what we had planned. What seemed important to me wasn’t the main reason I had traveled to the downtown area.

All I could think about that day was getting a job in my field.  The Lord’s main reason for me that day was to see how much he cared for me, and no matter what the plea for help involved; he would always be there to help. My silly problem and my cry for help, was important enough to him that he sent a guardian angel to help me. Whether I got this job or not was not as important as the Lord letting me know that he listens and cares for me and my life.

I had demanded that the Lord help me because I had truly believed that he would answer my prayer. If I had doubted whether or not he would answer my plea for help, he wouldn’t have answered my prayer so perfectly.

14:13-14 NIV
And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son will bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

Light In the Dark

I sat down to write at 1:00 in the morning. It was going to be another night of trying to go to sleep. I had not even touched pen to paper when I heard an unusual noise. It sounded like an animal howling in the night, or a sleepy child down the hall talking in his sleep. I got up from my chair and tossed my notebook and pen aside to go investigate. No, the noise was not coming from the hallway. I opened the back door and tiptoed out into the moist air.

To my surprise, I heard an owl’s lonely cry, calling out to its mate in the still night. The three quarter moon was bright and made a contrasting silhouette of the tall trees outlined in the blackness of this soulful lonely cry of the owl.
He too was all alone and waiting for sign of hope on this black night. He
faithfully called out over and over again, but was never met with any reply.

Once drawn out into the stillness of the night, I discovered a solitary white candle glowing among the tropical foliage in our flowerbed. I stared in quiet awe and disbelief at the forgotten candle diligently sending out a beacon of hope in my hour of darkness. Answer me, O Lord my God: give me light in my darkness lest I die. Psalm 13:3, The Living Bible

I had just had an hour of tearful and soul wrenching conversation with my husband. I had just talked about the empty dark hole I felt occupying my heart and soul. I felt like this dark emptiness in my life would never be lit up or feel the warmth of happiness again. O Lord, have mercy on me in my anguish. My eyes are red from weeping; my health is broken from sorrow. I am pining away with grief; my years are shortened, drained away because of sadness. Psalms 31: 9-10 The Living Bible

I gazed down at the beacon of hope and light God had left for me to discover at a dark moment in my life. I was in awe of how one simple
flame of promise had been left for me to discover, a newness of life. In my
deepest, darkest hour, God had not forsaken me.

I am radiant with joy because of your mercy, or you have listened to my troubles and have seen the crisis in my soul. Psalms 31:7 The Living Bible

He had used one of his wisest creatures to draw me out into the darkness and show me his undying love and concern for me. The owl was used as a symbol of loneliness in a dark night, just as the following scripture states: Lord, hear my prayer! Listen to my plea! Don’t turn away from me in this time of distress. Bend down your ear and give me speedy answers, for my days disappear like smoke. My health is broken and my heart is sick; it is trampled like grass and is withered. My food is tasteless, and I have lost my appetite, I am reduced to skin and bones because of all my groaning and despair. I am like a vulture in a far-off wilderness, or like an owl alone in the desert. I lie awake, lonely as a solitary sparrow on the roof. Psalms 102: 1-7 The Living Bible Owl In The lonley Night

Isn’t it wonderful that even thousands of years later, God is still true to his promises and uses the same examples in nature as he did long ago to communicate his messages to us? His words truly are timeless. We can still find examples in the Bible of those who lived thousands of years ago that relate to our pain of sadness today. During this dark and lonely night, God had literally shown me his light in my hour of darkness.

You have turned on my light! The Lord my God has made my darkness turn to light. Now in your strength I can scale any wall, attack any troop. Psalms 18:28-29 The Living Bible

Credit Card Angel

Credit Card Angel
Today I ponder so many things. Events which have happened recently and ideas and projects put in my heart and soul to complete in this life. Sometimes these ideas are overwhelming. I have the drive to accomplish so many creative and soul defining things in my life, but don’t know what to work on now and what can wait for later. Then I remembered my credit card angel and how I don’t need to organize and plan every detail in my life. If I kept doing this, I just might miss out on an exciting miracle that God wanted to show me that day. Perhaps I should just let God choose my path today….
I thought back to a few weeks or so ago when I had a recent angel encounter. I had withdrawn money from an ATM machine to pay a bill to a credit card company. I had been ripped off by this company because they told me I had paid my bill the previous month a day too early, and they couldn’t credit it to that month’s bill. I would have to make another payment which would be twice for that month. I wanted my money back because I didn’t have the money to pay two bills in one month especially around Christmas time. I wanted justice and this event had made me so angry and upset, and even kept me from a good night’s sleep.
As I pulled away from the ATM machine gleaming with redemption from correcting a wrong committed against me I thanked God for showing me to trust him for solving problems and giving me peace during the waiting period when I could finally get my money back. I was getting my money back by withdrawing cash then putting it in my checking account to pay the next month’s bill. Ahhh it felt so good to finally resolve this issue that had irritated me so much beforehand. “Thank you Lord, for always being there for me and helping me solve even the smallest problems in my life”
I drove off gleaming in thanksgiving. When I got to the edge of the drive leading to a street leaving the bank I heard a honk behind me. I stopped and looked in my rearview mirror. I couldn’t see anyone in the car behind me now pulled up to the ATM machine after me. I saw an armored truck awaiting a pick up of money from the bank which had moved out of my way prior to me getting up to the ATM drive through machine. I thought maybe the armored truck was honking at the other driver that had gone into the bank. I saw no one waving at me so I kept going.
After I turned left onto the side street to exit the area, I came to a stop sign leading to the main divided boulevard. I heard a loud noise like my car had gone over a big bump while leaving the stop sign. I looked up into my rearview mirror and saw nothing. I stopped in the median area between the two lanes of divided traffic, when I heard someone pounding loudly on the back bumper of my car. I was startled by this noise.
Suddenly a short man dressed in kaki colored pants and shirt was standing next to my driver’s side window from out of nowhere. I jumped and jerked my head sideways because I was so startled by this man’s appearance suddenly next to me. Before he could say anything I stated, “I must have left my credit card in the ATM machine.”
He stared at me with the most soulful eyes big, round and a grey sky blue. His hair was light brown and reddish colored. His complexion was fair with almost a hint of freckles. He looked to be about twenty five to thirty years old. He didn’t respond to my statement. He just stood there with the most intense stare as if he were trying to communicate everything to me through his eyes alone and refused to say a word.
I was a little unsettled by this unusual staring man that wouldn’t say anything to me. I said, “You are my hero, really, you are my hero. Thank you.” Again he just stared at me without a word. I noticed that he had a few drops of red clay dirt splattered on his khaki uniform at the bottom of the pants. I looked up into his eyes again and said “Thank you.” I reached out the window and took the card out of his stubby hand. I glanced down at his short legs and stalky appearance, and wondered how he could have possibly ran that distance so fast, and reached me in time before I was about to turn left in the median and merge into oncoming traffic
I looked up into his face again he just stared at me and refused to say a word. I thought this was very odd and it made me feel uneasy. “What if he really wanted to grab my purse or pull a weapon on me? Why wouldn’t he say anything to me?” the strangeness of the situation is what prompted me to roll up my window and move on. I looked out my window and saw that I now had oncoming cars putting on their brakes because my car was blocking the street, with the back bumper hanging out into the approaching lane of traffic.
By this time the strange man was somehow standing on the passenger’s side of my car and was looking towards the oncoming traffic and appeared to be analyzing how he could navigate his way back across the two lanes of oncoming traffic. I turned away from him and looked to see if I could pull out onto the street. It was clear of oncoming cars and I proceeded to pull away from the median.
I looked into my rearview mirror again and was surprised because the mystery hero had disappeared into thin air. He was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t waiting to cross the busy two lane street, and he wasn’t on the other side of the street towards the parking lot of the bank. He had literally vanished from the scene of his good deed. It was then that I realized I had been visited by a guardian angel sent down from God, for a short moment of glory to do the Lords work. I just couldn’t believe that my situation or I personally was important enough to merit another angel encounter. God had already blessed me with several angel encounters in the last twenty something years of my life. Even though I had been blessed in the past with such a miracle I still always questioned “Why me Lord? I am not worthy am I?” Then I am filled with his gracious love for me that even though I sometimes commit sins, he still forgives me and wants to show me miracles and his presence in my daily life.

Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

God will make a way
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