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Book: Living In The Realm Of Miracles and AngelEncounters

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New Book Coming Soon ….  Feathers Of Hope On Angel Wings

This new book is an inspiring true story with a happy miraculous ending … about the author’s son, a film student in college who overcame a traumatic brain injury from a car wreck. Doctors told her his injuries were most likely fatal!! All doctors told her he was a walking miracle and he could not by any medical standards be improving physically. Also, that it was not medically possible that he was progressing so fast after his serious injuries.

He had to relearn everything from chewing, swallowing, walking, talking, and all he had learned academically from grade school to high school again. The author, Brigitte A. Murchison was given signs from angels with feathers left along her heart-breaking journey that lasted two years until her son recovered enough to return to college at Baylor University (U.S.A.)

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Children’s Book Published: Saint Cat and the Big Flood

All the artwork was done by the author and the book was co-written with Lilajean Almond.




Love’s Melted Flame

Diligently we labored upon passion’s alter,
Amid melted wax our love would not falter.

Love’s bursting flames anew, we were mid-twenty,
Ultimately everyday life’s passion ticked gently,

Our love so young, our fuel plenty,
Never a thought, of our lover’s cup running empty.

Bright blinding desire it did reveal,
Once upon our window sill.

Once Lovers wrestled beneath it’s dancing light,
Now dusty and forgotten, silently awaiting delight.

Life’s melted wax was removed but, it wasn’t quit like new,
But it was discovered old wax could relight passions we once knew.
Copyright By Brigitte A. Murchison U.S.A.

Stillness Of Life

woman bed prayingBy Brigitte A. Murchison

He never opened his eyes
He did not move. ..
He laid there in a coma
In his silent tomb of a body

I thought death was the
Worse thing that could
Happen to your child
Until this . . .

The thought of our son
Laying in a bed being kept
Alive by machines for the
Rest of his life . . .
Was worse than death!

Through the hushing of
Machines pushing oxygen
Through his lungs in silence . . .
We waited for a miracle

Film Student Dies Comes Back Making New Film

054 -angel light007

My son, Ryan is a walking miracle after a car wreck with serious injuries and he wasn’t suppose to live… Shown here at site of car wreck one and a half years later. Goes back to college and after his experience of being carried in the arms of angels back into this world is now making an interesting Film this summer… Please consider making a donation online through a film funding program called Indiegogo which helps new talented film makers get the money to make their films. It is a tax-deductible donation. Even a small donation of $10 to $20 dollars would really help. You will get a receipt and if you choose your name will be in the credits of the film. You can also donate anonymously if you want.
Here is the website for donating to this film’s production costs:

If you would like to read and see pictures of his unbelievable true story from dying in ER to coming back to life and healing from a severe traumatic brain injury among other physical injuries you can click on the link below. It has a happy ending that will leave you spell bound by the supernatural powers in this world that brought him back into the living of this world. The photo shows
him a year and a half later standing next to the tree that stopped his car flying through the woods. The bark is starting to grow back after his car hit it. He was a college film student of several years prior to the wreck. All doctors say his healing is a miracle and he wasn’t expected to live even the ambulance ride to the hospital. You can click on the link below to read this amazing true story …
This is Picture after he went back to college seeing the wreck site for the first time. He ahd been in a coma and had no memory of this tragic wreck that almost ended his life. He had to relearn everything he had learned since a small child such as chewing, eating, walking, talking, and everything he learned since grade school to high school again in education. To see more of his miracles told in stories through pictures click on the link below:

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