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Feathers Of Hope In The Storm


He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” Psalm 91:4. “How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 36:7 “You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth.” Psalm 71:20.

Book: Feathers Of Hope In The Storm 

By Brigitte A. Murchison 


Sometimes there are defining moments in one’s life that drastically realign the time frame of your life’s journey. These moments alter your reality of everything in your life, from before this event and after … and nothing is ever the same. The following are the true events that totally stopped author Brigitte Murchison’s life’s time frame. Her life as she knew it would forever… by no means be the same.

A true story of hope against all odds College film student, Ryan Daniel Murchison dies in a tragic car wreck and is brought back into this world carried in the arms of Angels. Feathers of hope from Angels are left along the heartbreaking and astounding journey of miracles, healing, and triumph over death. Angels encouraged his mother who refused to accept the doctors who said, “Your son has a severe traumatic brain injury and his injuries are most likely fatal”. Faith, prayers, and divine intervention bring him back into this world, while doctors claim his recovery is a miracle. He came out of a coma with the most severe brain injury a patient can have. The only thing lower on a brain injury scale that rated the severity of his injury . . . was death! An amazing true story of hope, down a miraculous path to recovery, and a new life.

On that, fateful morning the phone call from a police officer came early in the predawn light during a severe thunderstorm. Two shocked and heartbroken parents began the long nine-hour drive to Waco, Texas. The heavens wept with them as they pressed on in the torrential pouring down rain. The anguished couple were trying desperately to get to their son and hoping he would still be alive when they got there. The dark grey weather that fateful day offered little visibility as they drove through the worst rain and emotional storm of their lives. Spiritually, and emotionally they were blind to what lay ahead of them on their long road of despair. There was a tiny bit of hope tightly grasped in their desperate hearts as, they began their dark journey into the eye of the storm.


People often face storms in their lives. How they navigate them often affects the outcome and their survival. We all must endure the inevitable storms of life. No one is immune to them. Storms and conflict will come in due season, and the rain will pour out of the clouds as tragedy strikes, and brings us to our knees. Thunder explodes in our mind as we are forced to face an unplanned tragic event when we least expect it. Recovering from a dramatic event is an ongoing journey that often seems like it has no end in sight. Author, Brigitte A. Murchison had to face her storm at 6:00 am when the phone rang… Torrential heartbreaking grief rained into the author’s life that predawn morning when she heard the words, “Your son has been in a terrible accident”.

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“God makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous.” Mathew 5:45.

This true story of tragedy turned into triumph will reach the depths of your soul leading you out of your storm a changed person forever. As you learn that we are never left alone to struggle but carried in the arms of angels, as they show us how to soar on healing wings into the next chapter of our lives. After reading this book, you will eventually discover the rainbow after the storms in your life too, as healing and new faith saturates your very being.

A must read for anyone who has experienced a tragedy or unexpected disappointment that took your breath away, broke your heart, or knocked you to your knees … as you ask Why? Why did this happen to me, and where is God’s plan in all of this suffering? This inspiring true story will help you find the peace, grace, and understanding to go on and overcome those dark stormy trials, you have endured in your life too.

“… So that no one would be unsettled by these trials. For you know quite well that we are destined for them.” 1 Thessalonians 3:3 NIV

We all love those feel good happy ending true stories in life but we want them to happen to someone else, because we do not want to go through all the trauma, worry, and a broken heart that precedes the earth-shattering event that led up to a miracle. Sometimes we are not fortunate to just hear about a miracle… sometimes we have to live through it.

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Note From Author Brigitte A. Murchison:

“I published a book titled: Living In The Realm Of Miracles and Angel Encounters which was  full of miracles and angel stories that happened to me in my life prior to the earth-shattering event of my son’s car wreck that occurred  a few months later. I thought that nothing could be more astounding than the miracles I wrote about, such as actual face-to-face encounters of angels in my life. I was wrong. I was dead wrong. Nothing prepared me for the kind of miracles Jesus wanted to show me in my life the summer of 2012.”

You are my hiding place from every storm of life; you even keep me from getting into trouble! You surround me with songs of victory. I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch your progress”. Psalms 32: 7-8 The Living Bible

This book coming soon . . . By Author: Brigitte A. Murchison

Author Interview of Brigitte A. Murchison   Face Book: Feathers Of Hope On Angel Wings

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Stillness Of Life

woman bed prayingBy Brigitte A. Murchison

He never opened his eyes
He did not move. ..
He laid there in a coma
In his silent tomb of a body

I thought death was the
Worse thing that could
Happen to your child
Until this . . .

The thought of our son
Laying in a bed being kept
Alive by machines for the
Rest of his life . . .
Was worse than death!

Through the hushing of
Machines pushing oxygen
Through his lungs in silence . . .
We waited for a miracle

Film Student Dies Comes Back Making New Film

054 -angel light007

My son, Ryan is a walking miracle after a car wreck with serious injuries and he wasn’t suppose to live… Shown here at site of car wreck one and a half years later. Goes back to college and after his experience of being carried in the arms of angels back into this world is now making an interesting Film this summer… Please consider making a donation online through a film funding program called Indiegogo which helps new talented film makers get the money to make their films. It is a tax-deductible donation. Even a small donation of $10 to $20 dollars would really help. You will get a receipt and if you choose your name will be in the credits of the film. You can also donate anonymously if you want.
Here is the website for donating to this film’s production costs:

If you would like to read and see pictures of his unbelievable true story from dying in ER to coming back to life and healing from a severe traumatic brain injury among other physical injuries you can click on the link below. It has a happy ending that will leave you spell bound by the supernatural powers in this world that brought him back into the living of this world. The photo shows
him a year and a half later standing next to the tree that stopped his car flying through the woods. The bark is starting to grow back after his car hit it. He was a college film student of several years prior to the wreck. All doctors say his healing is a miracle and he wasn’t expected to live even the ambulance ride to the hospital. You can click on the link below to read this amazing true story …
This is Picture after he went back to college seeing the wreck site for the first time. He ahd been in a coma and had no memory of this tragic wreck that almost ended his life. He had to relearn everything he had learned since a small child such as chewing, eating, walking, talking, and everything he learned since grade school to high school again in education. To see more of his miracles told in stories through pictures click on the link below:

Feathers Of Hope … In The Arms of Angels

Car Wreck Angel

[ Trials and Temptations ] Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. (NIV) James 1:2-4

                Sometimes there are defining moments in one’s life that drastically realign the timeframe of your life’s journey. These moments alter your reality of everything in your life from before this event and after it… and nothing is ever the same. The following is the prerequisite to the event that totally stopped my life’s timeframe, and my heart.  My life as I knew it would forever… never … be the same.

                I sat in the parking lot of a clothing store sobbing and asking God why one stressful thing after another kept happening in my life in the last two months. The day before on Sunday July 8, 2012, as my husband Mark and I were getting out of the car to go into church at 9:30 a.m. My cell phone rang. It was my daughter, Whitney, calling to tell us she had slid off the road and ran over a sign on her way to taking care of a dog for a friend of mine. She was a little rattled but unharmed. I think she was more concerned over us getting mad at her for wrecking my car All of this happening just after hurting my back at work the first week in May. I had to go to the emergency room in the morning during teaching art and get the school’s assistant principal to watch my class. I went to the emergency room where the medicines they gave me made me feel worse with nausea and vomiting for hours. I wondered which was worst suffering the nausea, or the intense pain I had come into the ER with?

            The next day my husband, Mark and I had to put to sleep our elderly Dalmatian dog, Ayala. She was almost completely blind, lost her hearing, and couldn’t get up off the floor anymore to go to the bathroom.  It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. We had discovered her the day before tangled up in some vines in our flowerbed where she was too weak and blind to get herself out and she had been trapped for hours. We had found her in the hot Louisiana heat of the day. We loved our dear Ayla so much and she had been the best dog ever! We had her for fifteen years since my daughter had just turned six years old. Ayla had been a family member to us and grew up with our kids until they were both in college. This was a long time and a very important chapter in our lives. We hardly had a photo of the kids without our adorable Ayala standing there wanting to be in the picture.  It was hard to have both of our kids in out of state colleges in two different states. We didn’t get to see them very often during the year. Our Ayla and our second dog Calvin had become our at home doggie children that helped  a little with the loneliness of an empty nest.

            The day after this terribly sad loss I went back to work and found out I was being let go from my art teaching job because of budget cuts. Then a few days later I was back in the ER with more health problems. Which was also the same time my husband was out of town moving my daughter Whitney home from college on a weekend. Of course I only have an emergency when the doctor offices are closed, and all alone with no one to take me to the hospital. I tried to make it until my husband, Mark came home from Mississippi with my daughter, Whitney before I went to the hospital. I wondered how I would last until my husband could make it back into town when … I discovered the toilet over flowed in our master bedroom while I was in the other room. I discovered it too late and part of our bedroom and closet carpet was soaked with toilet water.  Sure I needed another unplanned expense to deal with after losing my job. Just the other day our air conditioner had stopped working during a typical blazing hot day. We had to put that unplanned bill on a credit card and now had no balance left to charge any other expenses on.

            So here I sat two months later in my car with tears rolling down my cheeks and wondering how we were going to pay the bills this Summer until I found a job…. Then all of a sudden, I had a terrible thought that something worse was  going to happen… perhaps to our son, Ryan a college student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Thoughts of some terrible impending disaster or harm to my son flashed through my mind. I felt as if something really, really, bad was going to happen to my son but that God had a plan for using this to turn my son’s life around in some cosmic, earth shattering, way … it was Ryan’s dark destiny … but, the Lord would be there through it all.  I sat there sobbing and filled  with the most awful impending fear and anguish I had ever known. I quickly said a prayer of protection for my son and our family. I felt like my whole family and life was under attack by satan. Spiritual warfare is real whether we want to believe it or not. After saying more prayers I finally felt at peace somewhat and was able to go into the store.

            The whole time I was in the store shopping for clothes I had a dark feeling that this was all a waste of time. This was confusing to me and I didn’t know what it meant. I thought maybe I was just overwhelmed with all the stress I had gone through and worries of how I was going to pay our bills. I told myself, “You need to be positive. You need this job. It is going to work out!”

            I went to bed that night although I still couldn’t shake off all the negative things that had happened in my life lately. I lay awake for a while worrying and then the Lord did give me peace, and I was able to go to sleep… Only to be woken up at 5:00 am by a phone call. I said “Hello, Hello,” several times but no one answered. I was half asleep and thought it was my mother calling from North Carolina. Sometimes she would call too early and not realized it was an hour earlier there.  She would hang up when she realized she had woke me up and would call back later. I went back to bed until the phone rang again at 6:00 am. This time it was a policeman from Woodway, Texas just outside of Waco, where my son was in college at Baylor University. He was telling me the worse news a parent could ever receive …

“Your son has been in a serious accident. It is really bad and he is seriously hurt. Where do you live?… Louisiana?”

“Ryan has been  in a car wreck!!”

The police officer continued, “Oh, My … that is a long way away. Well… we are transporting him to Hillcrest Hospital in Waco, TX. How long of drive is that for you? “

I said, “Nine hours.” 

There was a long silence on the other end of the line… I was so anguished and confused… The police officer stated, “Well …. your son has extensive injuries and a lot of internal bleeding , a serious head injury, and lots of cuts from glass and the skin has been removed from under one of his arms… he is not responding mentally… and I don’t know if you will make it in time. Let me see if I can get you the number to the hospital.” I nearly stopped breathing at this point…

            The police offer continued, “His car was so badly damaged on all sides that we had to get the “jaws of life” to cut the roof off to get him out. It took about forty-five minutes to get him out and loaded into the ambulance. His eyes were open but unresponsive and not following the emergency workers trying to extract him from his vehicle. He is being transported right now to the hospital. “

            “Oh my God…. Oh my God!!” I felt disconnected from those words that came out of my mouth. It was as if my mind was trying to separate from my body because this just couldn’t be happening to me. This news couldn’t be real. My head felt like it was spinning as my world spun out of control…this was my worst nightmare … only I was awake.

            I ran to the living room yelling at my husband, “Get on the phone!! … Ryan has been in a car wreck!!” I told him that the phone call was the Police in the Waco area telling us that Ryan had been in a terrible car accident.

The police officer continued, “We are transporting him to Hillcrest Baptist Hospital in Waco, Texas. Do you know where this is?”

“No, I have no idea.” He started to try to give us directions and mentioning streets to go down that we were not familiar with.

I said, “Just give us the phone number to the hospital we will figure out the directions on the way.”

            When I hung up the phone I couldn’t breathe… news like this takes your breath away. My husband Mark had been in the kitchen starting his breakfast a mundane ordinary morning event. I came running from the bedroom gasping for breath and the ability to speak. Mark stood there with the most confused and painful look on his face as I ran into his arms. Then the reality of this terrible tragedy soaked into our hearts, the deepest part our souls, and our normal mundane early morning life was no more … our lives would never be the same again.

            Mark and I were so shocked. We stared into each other’s frightened faces then held on tight for just a moment and then went into a survival mode. Both our minds began to think what were the most important things to do so we could get out of here as soon as possible. We briefly discussed airplane flights. Should we call the airport and see if there are any flights leaving early this morning towards Texas?

            We both agreed that driving that long grueling drive would be the only way we could get to our son’s bedside. I was overwhelmed with the heart wrenching tragedy that was our new reality. I had just been woken up with nearly the worst news ever and in a panicked  flight or fight stage. But I was determined to not lose it. I had to be strong for Ryan, for Mark, for Whitney. I couldn’t give up. I had to believe that the faith I had grown, and the Holy Spirit that had nurtured me through the years was going to carry me through.

“Thank God he is still alive! There is hope!”  I said to my husband.

This was better than the worst news of  all I thought, “Your son is gone..deceased… I am sorry there was nothing more we could do”… I tried to force this thought into my mind that exploded with thoughts of grabbing a suitcase but, veered into my daughter, Whitney’s room and awoke her from her peaceful slumber.

            “Whitney wake up! Ryan has been in a serious car wreck and they don’t know if he will make it. I just got the phone call from the Texas police department!”

            Whitney sprang out of bed and we clutched each other in the pre dawn morning light. Whitney tried to reassured me, “He’ll be alright mom we have to have faith”… tears welled up in her eyes and slowly ran down her angelic face. In mutual sobs I answered, “Yes…Oh my God…How is this happening to our family? Oh Lord, where are you right now?” My adrenalin was pumping through my veins as I screamed at my husband, “Go upstairs to the attic and get a suitcase. The big red one…hurry!”

            I was gasping for oxygen as I tore through my closet trying to pick out clothes in a panic. My heart was beating so fast. The hardest thought kept screaming inside my head as I tried to decide what to bring, “You need clothes for a funeral…think black…dressy…how will you look at the funeral?” I screamed in anguish, “No!!!!! He is not going to die. He is still alive!! God please save him! Don’t take him from this world! ” I couldn’t bear to think of Ryan not being in this world anymore. “His life can’t be over!” Screamed in my head!

            I somehow managed to throw some clothes and toiletry items into a bag and get dressed for the long drive ahead. The longest and worst drive of our lives on this dark and dreary, rainy day. Whitney was taking a college course over the Summer and had to stay behind to finish it. I came in her room and hugged her one last time. Tears ran down our cheeks as we stood there in the predawn light barely peering through the window in her dark room. We told Whitney, “Goodbye,” and threw our suitcase in the car in the wet morning light of the day. Did it have to be raining on the darkest day of my life? The skies were so dark and gloomy and heaving with rain pouring out of the sky. It was as if the heavens themselves were sharing our grief on the worst day of our lives.

            My husband, Mark and I could barely breathe let alone talk when we first got into the car. We were living our worst nightmare ever. Over and over again we stated to each other, “How can this be happening? Why is this happening to our dear son, Ryan? … Why, Why, Why???” I can’t remember much of our anguishing conversation as our car sped along the watery streets leading to the main interstate to leave town. So much heaviness in our hearts that mere words could not describe how we both felt. We did repeat over and over again, “Ryan is going to live! He just has too! God would not bring Ryan this far in life with all he has overcome in his life, to not let him finish college and go on with his life!” Then we prayed constantly, “We place Ryan in your hands Lord, and ask for your healing angels to be there for him now and with us as we travel. Jesus assign your best angels to whisper in the ears of those doctors working on him right now and guide them on how to help and heal Ryan. Please let him not die… Please let him live at least until we can get there.”

            We drove on through the pelting rain that prevented us from seeing five feet in front of the car most of the way. It never stopped raining ever! It was the most relentless, dark,  torrential rain storm and experience in our life! A huge dark weather front hung out mercilessly over our heads stretching from Louisiana all the way to the middle of the big state of Texas. It was if the heaven above were feeling our grief and crying down from heaven with a heavy heart of sorrow.

            I quietly pondered in my heart the most painful request up to the crying heavens above as our car sped along our watery path of despair…. “Lord can you at least let our Son, Ryan still be alive until we can get there? Can we at least see him one more time… allow me to kiss his cheek goodbye before you take him home?”       

            As we drove Mark and I made the needed phone calls to work and I began calling family members to tell them what happened, and to  pray for our safey, and for our son’s life to be spared while the surgeons worked on him. Thoughts of our life without Ryan screamed inside my head. I rebuked them over and over in Jesus’ name and prayed and prayed and… begged God to spare his life and give him a second chance of life. The thoughts of why, why, why?!! raced in my head over and over again.

            And then……came the angels giving us signs of hope that they would carry us through the worst days of our lives and also heal our son. I got the first sign they were there when I stepped out of our car at a gas station onto the wet payment… there below me was a white fluffy feather …. a sign that we were not alone on the darkest journey of our life. The angels would indeed carry us on their wings through a journey of stormy days of wondering if our son would live just one more hour… day …. week…. month. We would find feathers of faith left for us to discover during the darkest days of our lives …. and then came hope…. on the wings of angels.



Feathers Of Hope … In The Arms of Angels

By: Brigitte A. Murchison

A Tale Of Two Dogs


Years ago, we had an adorable dog named Buffy, who had the cutest puppies we had ever seen. We lived in Seattle, WA (USA) at the time and had purchased our first house. We had great neighbors, and one of them was named Diane.  Diane fell in love with Buffy’s puppies as soon as she saw them. They were made up of about every color one could imagine. She picked out a cute little puppy with gray, black, and tan markings all over  with a white chest. Diane adopted her right away and anxiously awaited the time when her puppy would be weaned from her mama Buffy. I can still remember the day the puppy was adopted and taken to her new home. Diane named her Greta, and the puppy squirmed in her arms with its face looking back at me over Diane’s shoulder  as she walked away.

We soon discovered that Greta did not understand that she lived with Diane now, and often escaped out Diane’s door and ran back to our house two doors down. Greta happily pounced through our back door and slid into our kitchen to play with her brother Mickey, whom we had kept, and her mother Buffy.  It was always a happy reunion for the two pups, and they would run around in circles with yelps of joy over the reunion. We soon got use to these unplanned interruptions from our new extended family.

Diane had become more than a neighbor and was a very good friend to me. We would often visit each other, and always brought the pups to play with each other during our visit. It was on one of these typical visits that the two elated pups began to chase each other around in circles in my living room.  All of a sudden, my puppy Mickey began yelping loudly in pain. We looked up to see Mickey’s lower jaw stuck under Greta’s collar.

At first we thought it was minor but  as we both attempted to separate the dogs we realized that the problem was life threatening. Mickey was the only one yelping because he was the only one breathing. A few of his teeth had been knocked loose and were bleeding. Greta was being choked to death by her brother and best friend Mickey. The collar was so tight, we couldn’t unbuckle it. We had two options: hurt Mickey more, and possibly break his jaw getting him out of Greta’s collar, or watch Greta die in our arms. It was the most helpless situation I had been in before. Diane and I both loved our own dogs more than anything. We also both loved both of the pups equally. We only had a few seconds to respond. Diane blurted out, “Greta isn’t breathing.” I screamed a prayer out loud, “Oh please, dear God, help us!”  But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid,  Zechariah; Your prayer has been heard… Luke 1:13 NIV Bible.

Instantly a calm but urgent voice within my head said, “Go get a sharp knife.” I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife. I ran back to the sofa where Diane was trying to separate the two dogs. Mickey was yelping louder and louder through the entire ordeal. Urgently, I shrieked out loud, “Oh God, please help!” I did not know how to start cutting through the thick and durable nylon collar. While trying to keep the dogs still and sawing away with the knife, Greta’s body went limp, fell to the floor from the sofa and produced a bowel movement. The cut collar fell from my hand. I froze in horror.

Diane quietly said, “Greta’s gone.” We both knew after the moment of death that an animal has a bowel movement. I cried out, “Dear God NO!” At that moment,  I raised Greta’s limp head off of the floor and began stroking her neck as tears ran down my cheeks. I thought about how I had prayed in faith  and wondered how God could let this happen when I believed in His power to save Greta. Instantly, Greta began breathing and jumped up and began barking excitedly. Diane and I were both in shock and we both looked at each other with disbelief over what had just happened… Everything is possible for him who believes. Mark 9:23. NIV Bible

Then I noticed Diane’s hand bleeding. Her hand had accidentally gotten in the way of my knife when the dogs had squirmed. I gave her a wet towel to stop the bleeding and a band-aid. Thankfully the cut was minor. After the ordeal was over, we confided to each other that we both had been praying through the whole ordeal. We were so relieved that the Holy Spirit had whispered in my ear what to do to save both of our dogs’ lives that day.

The two puppies began nipping and playing happily together. Only this time we made sure they played without their collars. We stared incredulously at the miracle we had just witnessed. We both experienced increased faith in God’s miracles that day. I was in awe that God could take the time to hear our cries and be concerned enough to help us out of our ordeal. The Lord really did care about our daily trial and His fuzzy creatures we love so much.

How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. These all look to you to give them food at the proper time. When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things. When you hide your face, they are terrified; when you take away their breath, they die and return to the dust. When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth. May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his works…Psalm 104: 24, 27-31 NIV

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*** After this happened to the two puppies I discovered that a national pet magazine ran a story about this common tragedy. They recommended to not leave your dogs alone with both collars on unsupervised. Often owners come home to find their beloved pets dead. Pass this warning on to others who have two or more dogs that like to play with each other like puppies. God Bless.

Miracles happen everyday if we would take the time to notice. Most people would think this is a ridiculous statement because they don’t believe in them in the first place. What a dark and uneventful life that is! We don’t notice miracles because we are all too busy in our daily life….Me too sometimes. Look around at your surroundings…really look at them! Do you notice little love notes left by God for you to discover? We even need to look up in the sky once and a while…Thank our Creator … and notice His handy work. Sometimes even the clouds will give you a message if you stop worrying about everything in your life and take the time to notice the world around you. Breathe in the beauty around you today…It’s all placed there just for your enjoyment! Check out inspirational true stories of miracles in book: Living In the Realm of Miracles and Angel Encounters :

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