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Eternal Love

Bride Groom 1. churchKiss Statues

I looked down the pew
I was looking at you
What a handsome profile
Big, soul penetrating, blue eyes

Something inside of me stirred
It did not make sense at first …
What was this unexpected urge
It was months before I was convinced

My heart had gone ahead of my will
It was as if my soul was dancing …
Could he be the one I was dreaming of?
My mind said no! My spirit said yes!!

I am convinced …
It was the meeting of our souls
That caused me to fall so very deeply
It was if they were dancing to a song of old

As if before creation of you or I
Our souls once met in heaven
Before plunging far to earth… landing
Into tiny new bodies awaiting to meet

Though growing up we were separated
By miles and miles and different states
It was destiny’s desire for us to be together…
Our souls intertwined as one in time and space

Both were not whole or complete before
But, desperately missing our other half …
Before we met here on earth our soul mate
Previously from another time … and place

Destiny’s fate was greater …
Than our mere faith that brought us together
What heaven has joined is greater …
Than anything that could separate us until the end … and later

You truly are my eternal forever lover never to be separated in this life
Through joys and in strife we shall endure storms and sunny days …
We will love, honor, and respect each other until destiny steals us away
Our souls intertwined and joined eternally, until reunited back in heaven                                         Copyright 2014 : Brigitte A. Murchison

Click On Link Below    Play Song:   You’re Still The One


Treasure This Day


Each day is of value …
The good, the bad, the sad, and the lovely.

The Lord is always listening and seeing …
You are here so God can experience the world through your eyes.

Every day He falls in love with His creation …
All over again … because of you and what you do.

Enjoy each day and live your life to the fullest …
It is the most sacred and treasured thing you can do.

How thankful I am to have this gift of life each day …
All that I see, do, and say, treasured gifts to reflect in my old age.

Copyright 2014 Brigitte A. Murchison

My Day Is A Blank Canvas

Heart Sky Birds

Do with it what you will…

Fill it with beautiful colors

Fill it with sacred memories

Fill it with visions for love of others

Fill it with glorious sunshine from above

Fill it with remembrances of your beauty

Let me see the good in others

Let me remember faces filled with smiles

Let me see beauty that others pass by un-noticed

Let me see your miracles in creation

Let me breathe in a fragment of nature’s beauty

May I feel your holy presence …

As you, cradle me in your safe harbor.

May I feel like the masterpiece you created me to be.

(Copyright Brigitte A. Murchison)


Film Student Dies Comes Back Making New Film

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My son, Ryan is a walking miracle after a car wreck with serious injuries and he wasn’t suppose to live… Shown here at site of car wreck one and a half years later. Goes back to college and after his experience of being carried in the arms of angels back into this world is now making an interesting Film this summer… Please consider making a donation online through a film funding program called Indiegogo which helps new talented film makers get the money to make their films. It is a tax-deductible donation. Even a small donation of $10 to $20 dollars would really help. You will get a receipt and if you choose your name will be in the credits of the film. You can also donate anonymously if you want.
Here is the website for donating to this film’s production costs:

If you would like to read and see pictures of his unbelievable true story from dying in ER to coming back to life and healing from a severe traumatic brain injury among other physical injuries you can click on the link below. It has a happy ending that will leave you spell bound by the supernatural powers in this world that brought him back into the living of this world. The photo shows
him a year and a half later standing next to the tree that stopped his car flying through the woods. The bark is starting to grow back after his car hit it. He was a college film student of several years prior to the wreck. All doctors say his healing is a miracle and he wasn’t expected to live even the ambulance ride to the hospital. You can click on the link below to read this amazing true story …
This is Picture after he went back to college seeing the wreck site for the first time. He ahd been in a coma and had no memory of this tragic wreck that almost ended his life. He had to relearn everything he had learned since a small child such as chewing, eating, walking, talking, and everything he learned since grade school to high school again in education. To see more of his miracles told in stories through pictures click on the link below:

Best Romantic Love and Wedding Songs

1fe380c33970683b6ded79496015ee56[1]Check Out These Great Love Songs:

Best Romantic Love Wedding Songs :

Have I told you lately Rod Stewart,

Always And Forever By Luther Vandross

Still The One  By Shania Twain

SONG: Longer  by Dan Fogelberg

Song:  Through The Years   BY: Kenny Rogers  ( Fade song) 
song4.26 minutes

Time In a Bottle by Jim Croce

When A Man loves A Woman by Percy Sledge

How Deep Is Your Love By Bee Gees

You Loved Me By Celine Dion

You Decorated my life
Kenny Rogers


Feathers Of Hope … In The Arms Of Angels

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CLICK ON LINK ABOVE TO VIEW: Slide show of Miracles and Angels after our son, Ryan Murchison died in ER after a car wreck and was brought back to life. He had sat bleeding almost to death hidden behind natural brush along a road all night…until five A.M. when a police officer found him. Angels left feathers to remind us they would carry us through the worst day of our lives. Every doctor told us he would not survive and other doctors during his recovery said he was a miracle because he should not be doing this well with his severe extensive injuries… God and His angels had other plans for Ryan. Read and see pictures of this unbelievable true story of faith and triumph.

By His Stripes We Are Healed…

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My son carries with him daily a visual reminder of Jesus’ stripes on his injured arm … sccared for life… reminding him that he was not only healed … but also brought back to life as he died in E.R on July 10, 2012 after a car wreck. We are so grateful our son was brought back into this world of the living and has a second chance at life. Thank you Jesus for healing my son and bearing his sins so that he may bring you glory in the future you have planned for him … a future that is good and filled with blessings from above! Praise the Lord for this cherished gift of new life!

I Peter 2:24

…Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness… by whose stripe you were healed.


Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement of our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.