FROG: Forever Rely On God

FROG: Forever Rely On God

ImageGod led me outside to get closer to Him and find direction for my life regarding finding a new job and how to market His book I had published. I was overwhelmed with so many demands in my mind and didn’t know where to start. “What should I do Lord?” I asked. When I went outside I saw my frog statue . I wrote the words FROG: Forever Rely On God on a piece of paper and took photos with the frog next to the sign. “God had told me to hurry because I was going to miss it.” I thought this strange. It was very hot and humid!! I said, “It is too hot to work out here with writing and my thoughts Lord!” God whispered in my ear, “Wait and see…” I thought , “Whatever … this is strange. It’s not going to get any cooler!”

After taking the photos I had an urging to make something from the earth that would honor God and bring me some peace like I had as a child willingly trusting him every step of the way as I explored the outdoors. I remembered a praying shrine at Girl Scout camp as a little girl where I felt the presence of the Lord while standing there praying by myself. My leader had to drag me away from it because I was mesmerized by the wonderful peace and tingling feeling as I felt the Lord presence where I stood among the fallen leaves and trees on top of a hill.

I walked out into my yard and gathered sticks and bark to make crosses. I found some wood from the oak tree hit by lightning in story from my book Living In the Realm Of Miracles and Angel Encounters and it was called, “Alpha And Omega Tree“.  This wood was sacred. Lightning had gone down the center of this mighty oak tree in my back yard and had exploded this tree from the inside out. God had protected our house that stormy night. I felt the urgency to hurry as the wind picked up and the sky was turning grey.

Suddenly thunder was heard overhead and rain began to fall. A sense of calm overcame me upon the first raindrops. They began to pick up speed as the drops splashed around me on the dry ground. I hurried to the protection of my umbrella over my patio table to get my journal and write… when suddenly what do I hear bellowing loudly from the tropical plants around my deck? Why the croaking of frogs! FROG = Forever Rely On God!! How directly does God communicate with us if we only take the time to listen.

There I sat writing about the Lord’s timing and now instantly it is cool and refreshing. Only a minutes earlier it was much too hot to write and I had complained to God about this! Timing is everything in life. Don’t miss God’s comforting cool rain in you hot day of worrying about details and all the “What Ifs” in life. Allow God to lead you on a path less taken by most to a higher understanding and peace He has waiting for you…If you would only follow Him and listen to His directions in your life… Then you would hear the croaking of the frogs reminding you to forever rely on God everyday in your life.

As soon as I finished writing this the sun burst out and birds began chirping. The storms of worry have moved on for today. Hope you have a FROG of a day too.



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